Production Equipment and Crews in One Stop

Arranging for productions to be completed can be a complicated and lengthy process. If a studio is needed, that has to be booked. If the production is on location, video rental equipment and crew members need to be found. Transportation, lighting, and audio equipment are also required. This can take hours on the telephone to coordinate.

Save Time

Time, stress, and money can be saved by going to a website that has all components available. Project managers can browse the site for exact products needed for video equipment rental, studio time, and one or more professional crew members. Add items to the cart, select the dates, and proceed to checkout. It really is that easy.

Creating an Account

Accounts are created on the checkout page so that step is eliminated if no rentals are required. This allows people the freedom to browse without the worry of constant follow-up emails. There is also the option to create an account just in case rentals are needed in the future. Pickup and delivery options, as well as the opportunity to purchase insurance, are also offered on the checkout page.


A membership program with three levels is available for frequent renters in the Jacksonville, FL area. The goal of the program is to help local production companies, photographers, music producers, and freelancers save money while having access to high-quality equipment. Discounts, priority booking, and free studio time increases competitive ability.

Monthly payments are made with an annual commitment for a basic, plus, or premium membership. The degree of discounts, studio time, and perks rise with each level. The premium membership, for example, provides access to the studio after hours for shooting at night or during the weekends.


The top brands are available in lighting, cameras, audio gear, lenses, grip, PA systems, and AV gear. More inventory is added on a regular basis. If the website does not indicate needed equipment, the company will help customers find what is needed. One stop makes productions a lot easier to arrange. Browse the site often to discover new equipment, explore experience of available crew members, and compare pricing to other rental companies.